Most Recent Items

nopCommerce Most Recent Items plugin help store owners to display products divided into three section highlighted on home page of website. First, tab shows 'Best Sellers' products which are top selling products of website. Second, tab shows 'New Products' which are marks as new product in the admin panel. Third, tab shows 'Most Recent Items' and it provide extra features to customer to show recently viewed products by other customers on home page.

Highlighted Features:
1) The main feature of Nop Most Recent Items plugin is to display three type of Products category in one tab on website homepage like: Best Sellers, New Products and Most Recent Items
2) Store owner can easily manage number of products to be displayed
3) Easy to configure
4) Site usability improve and user experience during the purchase.


http(s)://  ( Note: This product is only for provided domain )

Products specifications
NopCommerce Supported Versions 4.40
Localizable Fully localizable and can be used in any language
< HTML / CSS > Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization
Manage Easy to install and manage

Bestseller Tab Home Page

Bestseller tab look like this on home page

New Product Tab Home Page

NewProduct tab look like this on home page.

Most Recent Item Tab Home Page

MostrecentItem tab look like this on home page.

Most Recent Item Admin Setting

When product Select click on the save button after that the product go to mostrecent list, here one or more Product add at same time

Most Recent Item popup message display

When click on save button the product save data successfully showing popup screen will display