Product Size Chart Plugin

nopCommerce Product Size Chart plugin allow store owners to assign readymade size chart templates to the product, category and create custom size chart for any product. By using Nop Product Size Chart plugin, customers can easily view the product size chart before purchasing the products, it helps them in making qucik decision to purchase and reduce exchange/return of product due to size diffrence. Admin can select a product and upload single or multiple image of product by clicking on Product size chart tab, a list of products will display. After that a link 'Size Chart' show on product details page. Admin can also clone readymade size chart templates and create own size charts and assign them to a category or specific products.

Highlighted Features:
1) Reduced product returns due to the size based issues.
2) Customers can easily view the size chart before purchasing the products.
3) Size Chart reduces customer's confusion regarding the size and fittings.
4) Site usability improve and user experience during the purchase.


http(s)://  ( Note: This product is only for provided domain )

Products specifications
NopCommerce Supported Versions 4.40
Localizable Fully localizable and can be used in any language
< HTML / CSS > Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization
Manage Easy to install and manage

Product Size Chart Product Detail Page

Product detail page showing Size chart link

Product Size Chart "Size Chart Image"

When we click Size chart link it will display popup.


Product Size Chart Admin Setting

When click on Product size chart tab. List of product show. We select a product and can upload single and multiple image of product..